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we ARE looking for innovative TECHNOLOGies and solutions IN AUTOMOTIVE


what is škoda X Day?

Are you working on an innovative solution or technology that is in our topic areas of AI, Data, IoT, etc.? Can you use it to provide
a better user experience for drivers and passengers in the car or improve the work of the Škoda X team? Are you interested in a long-term cooperation with Škoda Auto and find a real application for your solution?
Submit your project or solution to the international open-call by 22 September 2023 and get the chance to participate in the Škoda X Day 2023 event on 2nd of November, where selected companies will have the opportunity to present their product in person or online to the expert teams from Škoda X, the Škoda Auto's centre for digital services and technologies.

topics of škoda X day

Artificial inteligence

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Internet of things

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Data utilisation

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B2B sales tools

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health & wellbeing

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Why attend Škoda X Day?

The opportunity to present your solution or technology to the expert teams from Škoda X, the digital services and technologies centre of Škoda Auto.
The opportunity to discuss your project and get the expert's feedback.
The opportunity to get a long-term contract and cooperation with the leading European car company Škoda Auto.
The opportunity to get your technology or solution
to the millions of customers around the world.


4.-22. 9.
of projects
29. 9.
Evaluation by jury of experts and selection of advancing projects
4. 10.
Sending invitations to the advancing projects
2. 11.
Škoda X Day (online/offline)
Pitch presentations for the expert teams

Our expert Jury

Jaroslav Pelant
Managing director
Tomáš Žídek
Jakub Gottwald
CISO & Data Operations
Jakub Macháček
Chief Technology Officer
Michal Reichl
Head of Product
Marek Mach
Data Monetisation Coordinator
Robin Švaříček
B2B Sales
David Beška
Marketing & Communication
Jan Charouz
Mobility platform Manager
Jan Železný
eMobility Coordinator