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New Citymove: Pay for parking and buy tickets with one card

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The multimodal app, which has been running in Prague since 2019, has a new custom backend system that our team has created directly for the app. For 4 years now, the app has been helping users move around Prague more efficiently, and thanks to the new backend, we can better integrate a wider range of services and make it even easier for travellers to get around Prague.

In fact, as one of the first applications in Prague, we are proud to be directly connected to the Prague Public Transit Company and TSK Prague. Our users can now purchase tickets for public transport or pay for parking directly from our app. We are extremely grateful to our team for their tireless efforts and sleepless nights in achieving this milestone. With the new solution we have put in place, we look forward to continuing to provide an even more convenient and seamless service to our users.

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