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Simply Clever Podcast: A smart robot to get you safely across the crosswalk

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The IPA2X robot is a so-called intelligent pedestrian assistant. The autonomous vehicle should ensure greater safety at crossings, for example for children or people with mobility problems, but of course for all pedestrians in general.

It has two main parts. A chassis with wheels powered by electric motors and a two-meter long pole, which is basically its brain - LiDAR and cameras that allow it to recognize objects in its surroundings. Then on that head is also what's called an HMI, a set of screens that signal both drivers and pedestrians. In addition, the rover can send a signal to an approaching car, for example to its infotainment system.

Simply put, it's a smart mobile traffic light. This so-called rover has been developed by two Italian startups, Hipert and Lifetouch, and Škoda Auto is also involved, having even developed a special mask for the Enyaq iV car that could give signals to pedestrians, and the Prague CTU has helped with communication between the rover and cars, or a special application. The entire project, funded by the European Union, is overseen by the Technical University of Munich.

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