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Unique space for your brand

Unlock a unique and innovative advertising opportunity that puts your brand directly in front of Škoda drivers. Be visible inside Škoda cars' infotainment systems and make a lasting impression on your potential customers. 

Partner with a strong brand

Elevate the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand by forging a partnership with one of the automotive industry's strongest players, Škoda Auto. This powerful collaboration will not only strengthen your brand image but also open doors to new opportunities and a wider customer base.

Voucher book inside the infotainment

Capture the attention of your potential customers in the decision-making phase. With our platform, your promotions are accessible to drivers while they are on the road. Create a sense of urgency with your exclusive deals, enticing drivers to choose your business. 

Target only relevant customers

Our platform delivers precise targeting capabilities to ensure your message reaches the right audience -based on their location, vehicle model, behaviour, and more. Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and connect with potential clients who are genuinely interested in your offer.

Brand Visibility

Unique space for your brand directly within Škoda cars
Users can visit your website directly from the offer
Align your brand with Škoda Auto and open doors to new opportunities

Engagement through Vouchers

Boost your reach by engaging with drivers through vouchers
Encourage drivers in your area to visit your establishment
Vouchers (EAN, BAR, QR, Plain Text) serve as a powerful tool to increase footfall and create a memorable brand experience

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Estimated price of the campaign
The actual price of the campaign depends on various factors and will be defined by individual agreement

How will my offer look in the car?

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What is the exact reach of my Offer?

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The exact reach cannot be calculated because data from cars are anonymized, so we do not have value on how many unique cars saw the specific offer.

What is the specific price for the Offer?

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The price for the offer varies based on the markets you want to target. One of the leading indicators is the number of available cars. Individual discussions with the Key Account Manager will define the final price.

Are there any obligations within the cooperation?

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No. There are no obligations at all. The cooperation can be termínated immediately.

Can my Offer be visible in more than just one country?

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It is up to the advertiser if his Offer is visible in one or more countries.

Is there any limitation on the content of the Offers?

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Yes, we are respecting ethics rules, the VWG codex, and human touch guidelines. Every content is validated by the Key Account Manager and can be eliminated.

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