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Data Analyst


Are you a passionate Data enthusiast with a focus on digital products and end to end use cases delivery? Do you possess a creative spark and a drive to innovate in the dynamic world of data? If so, you're the perfect match for our team at Škoda X!

What you'll do?

📊 Crafting and programming diverse data components and use cases utilizing Python.

🔗 Collaborating on robust data pipelines, utilizing SQL expertise.

🤝  Collaborate closely with senior Data Science and Data Engineering professionals, becoming a valued partner.

📈  Weave captivating stories through Business Intelligence and captivating Data Visualization for our esteemed clientele.

☁️  Dive into the AWS cloud realm to bring your work to life.

🌟  Collaborate closely with sales, marketing, and cross-functional teams to deliver exceptional products that redefine industry standards.

🌍Foster collaboration with Škoda Auto headquarters and other esteemed brands within the VW Group.

🔍 Stay ahead by monitoring competitors' services and immersing yourself in the ever-evolving digital landscape of the automotive world.

What you'll need?

✨ At least of 1 years of experience with demonstrated ability to deliver complex data projects

🐍 Command over Python and SQL databases is second nature, enabling you to shape data in ways that fuel innovation.

📊Proficiency in core Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, and SciPy to transform raw data into goldmines of insights.

💡 Familiarity with basic SQL scripting (selects, joins, unions, etc.), and a foundational understanding of DWN principles set you apart.

🚀 Experience in the world of machine learning showcases your potential to push boundaries and drive transformation.

🧹 Skill in parsing, cleaning, and processing unstructured data using Python

Nice to have:

☁️ Knowledge of AWS Pyspark cloud

📊 Experience in data visualization

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