Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct sums up fundamental principles underlying the conduct of Škoda Auto Group employees and is instrumental in responding to legal and ethical challenges.
The Škoda Group’s reputation is a core value relying on the resolve shown by employees around the world to act in keeping with our Code of Conduct and all laws. The “Code of Conduct at Škoda Auto Group” has become part and parcel of our corporate culture.
Download the Code of Conduct for further information:

Risk Management
The Škoda Auto Group’s risk management structure is built on a common principle of risk management within the Volkswagen Group complying with German legislative requirements. Risk management, as an operational component of the corporate process, must pinpoint individual risks down to the last detail, assess how great they are, take action to eliminate them, and document how effective the response has been.
The Škoda Auto Group’s global operations on automotive markets throw up numerous risks that could dent its financial performance and business success. At the same time, economic and regulatory changes can offer opportunities that the group then strives to seize so that it is able to consolidate and build on its competitive position.