The story of X
I am X... the call of the unknown.
I am X... the question that seeks new answers.
I am X... the promise of tomorrow that begins today.
I eXpand mere mobility into unmatched digital services.
I eXperience smarter ways to connect, commute and communicate with your car.
I eXpect innovative technologies that add more smiles to every mile.
I give eXtra to our customers who like surprises.
I eXcite passengers as much as the driver.
I eXplore new ideas that add digital comfort to your analog journeys.
I eXtend the legacy of Škoda DigiLab with a brand new vision.
I am Škoda X.

Škoda X is a subsidiary that was established as Škoda Auto DigiLab in 2017 and operated as Škoda Auto's innovation centre. The company's innovative approaches and operations have helped it acquire hardware and software technologies for Škoda Auto while collaborating with partners from academia and technology companies or startups.

Present & future

Škoda X is the centre of digital services and technologies of Škoda. Škoda X researches, develops and implements new business models and digital services within Škoda's vehicle infotainment and mobile applications. It is also responsible for their product development, marketing support and deployment in other countries. Škoda X is a subsidiary of the carmaker whose core business supports the creation of added value for Škoda customers within digital services. In doing so, the company is helping to transform mobility and increase the utility of the  customers cars. It has these capabilities thanks to its rapid decision-making capability, lean structure and broad innovative know-how. Launched in 2023, the Škoda X brand currently has Pay toPark, Pay to Fuel, Offers, Car Access, HoppyGo and other services in its portfolio. The company is headquartered in Prague with operations in all European markets.

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Company headquarters in Prague, offices also in Mladá Boleslav.
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Managing director – Jaroslav Pelant

Jaroslav Pelant

Managing director

In 2011, after 8 years as managing director of SUMITOMO ČR, I joined the Škoda Auto team. Here, in my role as head of product management, I was successively responsible for various activities for Škoda Auto in different locations (Malaysia, Russia, India). In 2013, I moved to China (Beijing) where I managed product management activities for Volkswagen and eventually relocated to SEAT in Spain in 2015 with responsibility for product planning and strategy. In early 2019, I received the opportunity to take on the role of Business Development Manager in After Sales with responsibility for digital products and services, human touch, customer satisfaction and loyalty, including coverage of eMobility topics such as wallbox and powerpass. In 2021, I was offered the position of Managing Director of Škoda Auto DigiLab with the aim of integrating digital products and services and thus expanding the portfolio with a direct impact on the B2C end customer.

Managing director – Iva Benešová

Iva Benešová

Managing director

During my more than 20 past years, I have gained extensive experience in the Automotive sector. Other than the purchasing and quality fields, I have worked most of my career in finance. In this area, I have discovered not only the nuances of financial management of large corporate units, but also the financial management of subsidiaries and foreign companies, even the financing of future projects - all in the field of automotive production and digitization. In recent years, I have also been involved in the management of a non-profit company, and independent business, in the field of art production. I believe that the digital world will surround and influence us more in the coming years, which is why it is paramount that such important companies as Škoda Auto keep pace with the rapid development in this field. The mission of Škoda X is to be an effective accelerator that enriches the parent company's standard business with the latest knowledge from the progressive development of the digital world and mobility services.

We give eXtra to our customers