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Simply Clever Podcast: Recycled bumpers and interior parts made of beetroot

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What could greater sustainability in the automotive industry look like? We're not going to open up the electric vs petrol car debate today. We're going to focus on the materials used to make cars, exteriors and interiors.

In fact, the EKX department at Škoda Auto is, among other things, looking for materials that could be more circular - from interior elements made from biomaterials, which are still in the prototype phase, to the bumper-to-bumper project, i.e. the production of bumpers from used, demolished pieces from, for example, a car wrecking yard, which could go into production in the near future.

The guests of today's Simply Clever Podcast are Lukáš Zuzánek and Dalibor Kopáč from the mentioned EXK department. Together with their colleagues from the EGV department, i.e. the prototype workshop and the design department of ED, they have built a so-called demonstrator - it is a fourth-generation Octavia, which they have partially cut apart to allow a closer look at the new, tested materials directly in the car. And it was at this demonstrator that we filmed today's Simply Clever Podcast with Lukáš Zuzánek and Dalibor Kopáč.

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