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Simply Clever Podcast: Škoda launched its own metaverse - the Škodaverse!

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As we enter the new year, you may be considering getting a new car, planning to take a look around a showroom or talking to a dealer. You might even be going through the specifications and looking at photos online. But what if you could explore a car from different angles and even take it for a drive without leaving your home?

Škoda has already launched a virtual showroom – a website where you can configure your ideal car and see a 3D model of it. We discussed this with the head of the Customer Journey department at Škoda, Eric Boutin, back in November 2021. Now Škoda has taken another step by entering the ‘metaverse’, a virtual world where you can walk around the car and take it for a drive. There’s also an NFT gallery and a virtual island to wander round called Škodaverse.

Today’s guest on the Simply Clever Podcast is Luca Zicconi from the Customer Journey department at Škoda. Luca and his team also partnered with Diego Borgo, a Web3 ambassador, NFT collector, and advisor to Fortune 500 brands regarding the blockchain. And with Luca and Diego, we’ll be finding out what exactly the metaverse is and how it can benefit automotive companies and their customers.

Try the Škodaverse for yourself here.

Skoda X: Skodaverse

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