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Cities and infrastructure

Improve traffic flow and safety


Data analytical solution offers valuable insights into traffic patterns, congestion hotspots and travel behaviours. This data allows for the optimisation of traffic signal timing, the development of more efficient transportation routes and the implementation of proactive congestion management strategies.

Municipalities and their companies
Road and Motorway Maintenance Directorates
City architects and City planning offices
Estate developers


Efficient and Automatic Traffic Control

Usage of advanced data technologies for precise control and optimisation of traffic movement

Optimizing Public Transit

Analysing historical data helps predict traffic patterns enabling public transport agencies to optimize schedules, routes, and capacity to meet demand more effectively.

Elevated Route Safety

Analysis of frequent near collisions areas to ensure higher safety standards on specific routes.

Enhanced Traffic Flow

Utilising intelligent traffic management systems to promote smoother and more efficient vehicle movement.

Monitoring Route Quality

Analysis of vehicle behavioural abnormalities to identify and address quality issues.


Traffic organisation / safety improvement needed.

Heavy braking at a crossroad

On crossroad II/350 x II/343, 20% of drivers heavily brake. There is a high risk of collision usually not detected by police statistics.

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Traffic organisation / safety improvement needed.
Install electronic information boards.

Slow traffic flow

Between 4-6 pm, the traffic flow on Legerova Street averages 5 km/h, characterizing it as traffic congestion area.

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Install electronic information boards.
Install speed bump on the road.

Speeding in residential area

In Zone of 30, drivers commonly exceed the speed limit, reaching 40 km/h.

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Install speed bump on the road.
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