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Car Access

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Your car, your new delivery point

Car Access

The days when you had to wait for your package delivery are finally over. With Car Access, which is a part of MyŠkoda Essentials App, our partners will deliver your order directly into your car. You can spend your time with things that actually matter. You don‘t have to be at home to receive your order. It will simply wait in your car.

Saves your time and tracks your orders

Car Access saves your time and allows you to have your goods safely delivered into your vehicle. Based on your preferences you may choose from multiple delivery partners.

Provides safety and support

Car Access was created with focus on safety. All couriers are trained to deliver to Škoda cars and are aware of all security measures. Access to your Škoda is defined by you within delivery ordering process. You are also able to track the delivery status via MyŠkoda Essentials App.

Growing network of partner e-shops and delivery services

Car Access allows customers to order services provided by partners. We focus mainly on the delivery from e-shops but we are continuously collaborating with new companies and expanding range of services including adding more locations.

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Operated in
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