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Personalized insurance by trustworthy data


Smart Insurance offers insurers access to car telematics data presented through the SafeScore to enhance the refinement of auto insurance products. By leveraging vehicle data, insurers can improve the customisation of their Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD) auto insurance offerings. These products are designed to incorporate individual driving styles and safety considerations into the overall pricing structure of car insurance.

Insurance companies
Insurance aggregators
Public sector


Lower fraud/claims

More accurate data on user behavior reduces the risk of insurance fraud and safer driving generally reduces the likelihood of accidents.


Customers will gain insights into the safety level of self-driving and improve the control of their vehicle.

More customer information/insights

With telematics data directly from the vehicle, insurers gain an additional dimension for more accurate customer assessment and better insurance pricing strategies.

Higher customer experience

With customer engagement and premium discounts for safer driving, the insurer's customer experience and naturally its profits increase.

Cheaper insurance

Drivers with a high value of SafeScore may receive a benefit from the insurance company on their insurance policy.



SafeScore indicates driving behavior such as hard breaking and speeding or usual daytime of the drive to predict the likelihood of accidents associated with the individual's driving style.

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The insurance company can verify the actual mileage of the vehicle.

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Magnitude of damage

Damage estimation predicts the potential payout volume from insurance. This contributes to the insurance offering personalization.

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How data can boost your business

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