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HoppyGo Mobility Platform

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Flexible & Scalable Platform for all Mobility Services

HoppyGo Mobility Platform

HoppyGo Mobility Platform was initially developed to power Škoda's mobility services. Now, it is available to support your business, too. Whether you use Škoda cars or other brands or plan to rent different kinds of vehicles, accessories or appliances - anything related to Mobility or Shared economy is a use case for us.

Diverse applications

Our flexible platform supports a wide range of diverse applications: car rentals, carsharing, multimodal transport planning, parking payments... Our clients range from small companies such as local scooter-sharing services to large corporations or municipalities. Get in touch; we are happy to help with your business as well.

State-of-the-art technology

Our in-house development team developed the platform with the highest standards, and we keep improving it. It offers integration of the industry's leading and widely adopted technologies for analytics, advertising, social media, payments, customer care, etc. And the solution is tailored to your specific needs: mobile apps, web, or both.

Additional support

Both whitelabel web and mobile apps are customisable to fit your brand. We can help you set up Firebase, Power Bi, or other data analytics tools or help you market your services. We are mobility enthusiasts with years of experience delivering products and services that get people from A to B in the most efficient or fun manner. And, of course, we're happy to share our experiences with you.

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