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Pay to Park service receives Car Connectivity Award from ‘auto motor und sport’

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We are delighted to share with you, that in a recent reader poll organized by auto motor und sport and MO/OVE, almost 1 in 4 participants voted for our Pay to Park service in the 'price/performance stars' category.

This app, available through the MyŠkoda app or in-car infotainment system, allows you to display parking options, view the fees and pay easily. Plus, you can extend parking time remotely!Pay to Park will help our customers to live smarter while increasing convenience and utilisation of their car - no matter where they are in Europe. Best of all, it's free and compatible with many Škoda models.

Currently available in 9 countries and expanding further, our list of parking spots is growing by the day!

We give eXtra to our customers