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Škoda releases expanded ‘Offers’ app: Discounts and special deals now available in eight markets

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Digital services are mostly untouched. But we're changing that and putting it directly into the hands of our customers.

The 'Offers' app, your gateway to exclusive discounts, is now reaching even more drivers across eight European markets - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Austria, the UK, as well as the most recently added markets Spain and Finland. But that's not all – together with Škoda Auto, we're taking it up a notch with version 5.1! Our enhanced app now offers an even wider range of services, ensuring you have an exceptional driving experience.We're offering discounts on over 100 items, accessible directly from your vehicle. From travel to car care, refreshments to Škoda Auto e-shop.Explore the future of driving with Škoda Auto and the Offers app. Discover convenience, savings, and more, right from your vehicle's infotainment systems.

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