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Škoda X: New center for digital services and mobility solutions

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We become more customer centric and will drive digital services for Škoda. The “X” in the name stands for “Exponential, Exploring, Expanding. Intensified scouting focused on European start-ups and the search for new ideas will help us to be successful, fast and efficient.

We have primarily dedicated our efforts to developing innovative mobility services. As we transition from being a lab to real-world implementation, our focus shifts towards introducing new digital services in Škoda vehicles. Our aim is to meet the requirements of our target group, the Contemporary Explorers, by directly addressing their needs and providing them with enhanced value and exciting experiences through our digital services. Škoda X will offer our customers a range of entirely new services, intelligent technologies for car users, as well as options for testing, renting, and charging. By prioritizing customer orientation, we support our parent company in cultivating a customer-centric approach and reinforcing the core business of car manufacturing.

We give eXtra to our customers